Almost a costly mistake


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Mar 25, 2002
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Williamsburg, Virginia
With a little over 7 minutes to go, Miami stops the Broncos at Denver's 29. A flag was thrown on Denver. Miami is in the position to have a 4th and 1 or a 3rd and 15. Miami goes for the 3rd and 15. Screen pass to Portis gets the Broncos 21 yards and a first down. Denver drives for a touchdown. IMO, unlike Theismann's, Denver would have punted on 4th down. Denver, if they could stop Miami, would have at
least 2 possessions left. With Denver so deep in their own territory and ample time remaining, you decline the penalty and see if they punt on 4th down. Even with Miami moving the ball erratically, you don't take the chance that you can only hold them to a field goal and make it a 15 point game.
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