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Amendment to the TOS


The Human Bullet
Sep 2, 2001
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Ok people, we have made an adjustment to the Terms Of Service. We are going to go ahead and allow our members to link to other fan sites. This is as long as it pertains to an article you read, or a great Training Camp report ect ect.

As far as just advertising another site on these forums, it's staying the same. We didn't work as hard as we have to build the best Dolphins forums on the net, simply to allow free ad space to other sites.

It is a fine line we are walking here I know, but we just felt like it wasn't fair to you the members if you couldn't tell the other members about some great stuff on the other fan sites. We are all Dolphin fans afterall, and this is what it is all about.


Alright, the Terms of Service have been officially edited...

3. Edited on August 1, 2002 - You may post a link to a great article or report on another fan site, however, you may not simply advertise a site. For example, you may say, "Check out this great report at" However, you may not say, " is an awesome site and its a must see." We know, its a very fine line... however, we think you understand what we mean.
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