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Another Bill giving up on his team.....


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Oct 15, 2001
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See,....this is what the barffalo jills can do to you.......
.c The Associated Press

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) - Add Eric Moulds to the list of unhappy NFL receivers who think they can jump to professional basketball - even if it means giving up multiyear contracts worth millions.

Frustrated by the Buffalo Bills' sorry season, Moulds said Wednesday that he is toying with the idea of giving up football to pursue his hoop dreams.

``It's definitely a possibility,'' Moulds said following practice. ``I'd love to get my feet wet. If I have to go the NBA developmental league, I'd love to do that first. But that's a ways away. We're going to see what happens in this offseason and go from there.''

Moulds' comments follow those made by Kansas City tight end Tony Gonzalez, who last week expressed interest in landing a 10-day contract with an NBA team this winter.

Moulds said he's spoken to Gonzalez on a number of occasions to exchange ideas of how to make the jump from one sport to the other.

While choosing football in accepting a scholarship to play at Mississippi State, Moulds was an All-State Mississippi high school basketball player, heavily recruited by a number of major colleges, including Duke.

Moulds and the Bills (3-12) are enduring a discouraging season, which wraps up at Miami on Sunday.

Although Moulds became the third Bills player to surpass the 5,000 yards receiving plateau earlier this season, Moulds has been unhappy, believing he's been an underused threat in Buffalo's offensive scheme.

His 61 receptions are well short of the 94 he had in setting a franchise record last season. And his 822 yards receiving rank second on the team behind Peerless Price.

Not good for a two-time Pro Bowl selection who chose not to pursue the free agent market last February, and instead signed a six-year deal worth about $42 million to continue playing in Buffalo.

Before he makes any decision, Moulds said he wanted to talk to Bills coach Gregg Williams to see what improvements are in store this off-season.

Williams said this was the first he had ever heard about Moulds' interest in playing basketball.

At 6-foot-2 and 204 pounds, Moulds is highly regarded for his athletic abilities and is one of the team's best leapers.

Moulds stressed that he enjoys football and playing in Buffalo, but always wondered how good of a basketball player he was.

``You're a competitor and you want to see if you could have done it a long time ago,'' Moulds said. ``It's got to be the right situation. I'm not going to just jump at the chance because it's there.

``I'll just finish this last game and then make a decision then.''

...........He should be honest and tell it like it is...The bills suck,and I want out.....If he hates the bills so much he should become a dolphin;)
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