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Another Jets-Dolphins Preview

Like what I heard about Surtain

I'm feeling pretty good about his chances of playing.
Re: Like what I heard about Surtain

Originally posted by JLFINFAN
I'm feeling pretty good about his chances of playing.
yup !
On the status of Patrick Surtain) - “He was out here riding the bike today. He feels a lot better. We’ll just take it day-by-day. It will probably be a game time decision.â€Â
All this is encouraging to read, but the game is played on the field..All stats point to Miami as the likely winner...I wonder does Miami know that..I expect the O to play's the D I'm little worried about..but I know they can make plays against this team...Don't expect a good pass rush from us..The Jets has practiced that so much in the past 2 games..they should be good against the pass rush by now..But we need to play good solid run D..and see if the secondary can pick off some Vinny spirrows...he does throw a pretty if he can just aim them to phins...I'd be much abilged.
Not to rain on anyone's parade, but MDFINFAN is dead on. How many other times have we had the advantage, in skill and score? And what happened? We got our asses handed to us.

We must play this game tight, and not ease up at all until the final whistle.
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't a lot of the Jets' recent success passing the ball against us come off play action? If that's the case, then shutting down the running game should be key to shutting down the passing game as well.
The Jets are having really serious problems running the ball. If they don't improve at all and Turner walks in there wanting to stuff the ball down their throats with Ricky then there is a chance we could see a (and I'm probably going to regret saying it :lol: ) 200 yards combined day outta Ricky. This Jets D looks worse then almost all of our defenses during the Marino days.
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