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Another Prediction

How many games will Buffalo win on their first 5?

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Dec 12, 2001
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I am stealing this from BBI, but look at the Bills first 5 games.

at Vikings
at Broncos

Is going to take some luck for them not to be 0-5 before their showdown with the Texans. Who I will pick in the battle of winless teams. Then they play us in Miami. How sweet would it be to see a 0-6 Bills team stroll in to Pro Player?

In all honesty how many games do you think Buffalo will win in their first 5?
I think we will beat the Jets, Vikings, Bears and lose to the Raiders and Broncos.
Originally posted by WharfRat

The Jests and Vikings I can see... maybe... but the Bears will maul you....

I think the Bears game will be low scoring. We won't be able to run on them very effectively. But I don't think that they will throw on us either. I think we win 13-10 or 17-10.
I think they can beat the vikes and the bears who will be terrible again ...after last years miracle wins they come back to earth and the fact that they have crap for qb's. The vikes are in serious trouble IMHO>>>>
The Bears are a very solid team. They have a top notch defense and the A-train is a Pro Bowl caliber RB. They should be able to beat the Bills.
I also see the Vikes beating Buffalo. Their defense is crap, but there is no way Buffalo's D can contain their offense. The Bills can beat the Jets IF they contain Curtis Martin.
i think moss will have trouble with our secondary.... all we need to do is shut him down in the 1st quarter then he'll quit. Bennet doesn't scar me at all. The Vikes will lose. The Jets had a LOT of trouble with us last year when we were VERY young and ended up 3-13!!! I am very confident that we will destroy them for you guys ;) The bears.... well, all they can do is run. All we can do is pass. It will be a low-scoring game and we should come out on top. The A-train will be hardpressed to repeat his performance of last year, teams will be targeting him more often. It will come down to this: Can the bears' OL/AT outperform our WR's/DB. I think that if one of our young DT's plays average, we will win. Moulds and Price will have fun running past the Chicago secondary -catching the deep ball!

Broncos: Lelie better play well, b/c Smith and McCaffrey will be having trouble. Our Offense will dominate their defense. It will be a high-scoring game and i give the Bills the edge here. (due to having better corners/defense)

Raiders: Old. They better play smart, b/c our young guns will dominate them physically. idk who has the advantage.

I could see 4-1; BUT 3-2 is much more likely

We will win 3 of the first 5 -write that down and show it to me after the first 5 weeks! Game 6 vs. the texans, we will kill them, Carr better break the typical rookie QB performance, or else AW/NC will have a ball picking off his low passes (most scouts agree he throws it too low and NFL corners will pick him off a lot if he doesn't break that habbit). If Graham starts, then the INTs will drop, but we will still kill them! The fins will face a 4-2 Bills team in week 7!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!
You are giving your secondary way too much credit. How do you expect a 2nd year CB to contain the league's best WR? He can't, and he won't, you can quote me on that. The Vikes will win due to a very good offense and an improved D. In all honesty, the only game I can see the Bills winning in that group is against the Jets, possibly the Raiders. No way they go 4-1, or even 3-2......
I think they might be able sneak a win agaisnt Raiders and win home opener agaisnt Jets.

They'll beat the Jets in the opener and give the fans high hopes and alot of "I told you so" smack on this board for a week and then they'll crash back to earth and end up 1-4.

No way do they beat the,
Raiders- just a better team
Vikings- will be over powered by their offense
Broncos- once again a better team
Bears- yes they got lucky in a few games last year but their still an above 500. team with a very good defense and good running game.
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