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Another Ricky hater


Adam the Quarterback
Jan 20, 2002
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Bust: Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins
Accept no imitation busts. You don't want to hear that Thomas Jones isn't going to put up points in Arizona, because you already know a bum like Jones isn't going to produce. No, you want the real goods. Like Edgerrin James (injury) or Eddie George (ineffective), someone picked in the first four rounds is going to deliver a whole lot of nothing. Injuries are tough to predict, but the distinct scent of failure is emanating from Miami.

Victor is an idiot and a major league a**hole.
Aren't most fantasy writers not football analyst? Not that some of the analyst are much better. Most fantasy writers base their ridiculous statments on their own silly bias and try to make it sound reasonable with statistics. That is why I don't bother to read fantasy opinion.
Well, it's early. So he still could be right. But Edge's is BACK from injury. Ricky won't be a bust. Only injury would stop him. Eddie George.......I'd never pick him. He'll never stay healthy.
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