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Another Test


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Sep 2, 2001
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Atlanta, GA
[intro]Hello.....and here we are at JUNE 1st....the day of the axe for some name NFL veterans.

From what I have heard......the Dolphins gave DE ROB BURNETT an offer to sign with them...but BURNETT wanted to take some more time in choosing his next destination. BURNETT has apparently heard the same offers...the minimum...from the DOLPHINS, PATS, and REDSKINS....and is basically in the wait and see stage....hoping that other teams may free up some more money. As for the Dolphins is still there....however....from what I have heard...the plan is to look at some other guys. [/intro]

And obviously that guy is DE...and former fin....MARCO COLEMAN. The REDSKINS are definately going to release him today.....and from what I understand.....the two teams that he has the most interest in either up in PHILADELPHIA....who do have 9 million extra dollars to spend....or to come back to the team he started with...the DOLPHINS. Of course....the main problem we are looking the dollars that COLEMAN will demand. There is nobody that I have talked to....that think that COLEMAN will play for anywhere close to a league minimum. Just about all I have talked with feel that if the Dolphins do not come up with a nice signing bonus.....then COLEMAN will indeed play with the EAGLES. The Dolphins need to be very agressive in the next couple of days with COLEMAN's agent.....that is for sure. I feel that COLEMAN is the better player for us....than ROB BURNETT is....COLEMAN is in much better shape...physically than BURNETT is....and is just the better player at this time.

Another DE the DOlphins will look JAY WILLIAMS...if he is cut by the CAROLINA PANTHERS....

And the DOlphins are still talking with the agent for OT BLAKE BROCKMYER.....who may now be out of the picture...with the 49ers...who showed lots of interest previously.

The Dolphins first move is to add another DE.....then to look at the OL, and reciever.

I don't see the Dolphins getting either FREEMAN, MCCARDELL or ALEXANDER. A name that could WR HERMAN MOORE.....depending on what his demands are.....he is expected to be released by the LIONS. Michael Wetbrook is still out there.....he is farmiliar with NORV's offense....but is surpirsingly getting little interest from anyone. is JUNE 1st. Get the periscope out....and do yourself some prairie-doggin', son.
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