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Sep 4, 2001
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It's still preseason. There's a lot of shifting still going on. He may be practice fodder.
A 29 yard return average on a tight feild seems impressive.
Well the coaches need a returner. Willing to possibly hand a roster spot directly to a returner, rather than try and make a returner out of Robert Baker or Albert Johnson. Johnson won't make this team as a receiver but he could as a returner (he has world-class speed). Baker might make this team as a WR (even over Jeff Ogden which is impressive to me because Ogden looks very good catching passes out there) however Baker can't really be moulded into a returner in my opinion. So if we were thinking of rostering 6 WRs for return purposes, why not roster 5 WRs and then roster a 10th DB as a returner, which is all we were gonna have for that 6th WR anyway...strictly a returner.
name was spelled wrong in the Herald - he was with St L

Someone must have seen him in this game

Antoine Toliver was named Game MVP after setting a Storm record with 274 kickoff return yards and 317 combined kick return yards. Toliver returned a pair of kickoff for touchdowns, one for 54 yards and another for 55 yards. Defensively Toliver had 7.0 tackles and two pass breakups for Tampa Bay
Wow. Impressive. We'll see if he can do anything for us as a returner. But I would definitely like it if he could return punts and kicks. I'm not as impressed with AJ Johnson's kick returning as I am his punt he has a fumbling problem (only fumbled once but still it was a KICKER who did it to him) and doesn't seem to ever get away from the kickers. If Tolliver can return for us and shows spark, I'd roster him and roster 5 WRs...I just can't honestly say whether I'd roster Ogden or Baker seriously.
Hopefully he's a good KR. Because if he is indeed a DB, then he SUCKS. I've been to some storm games. And their weakest link (the whole team sucks) is the DBs. They are terrible, even for an Arena team.
I can't understand what they are thinking even taking reps away from guys like AJ, Baker, and Simmons (Who IMO has done absolutely nothing).

BTW, Baker just about had the team made a couple years ago in pre-season, based greatly upon his return skills, before he blew out his knee, the first time.

I would like to see both AJ, and Baker make the team, but that could be too much to ask.
I thought A. Johnson was doing a pretty good job at punt return..I'm not sure I understand there something in practice that we're not seeing...In the games..AJ looked good and scary for D's to me...It looks like Odgen definetly won't be returning Punts..Can we say flyer on ST's..because the dolphins will keep him IMO.
It looks like Odgen definetly won't be returning Punts.

I thought Ogden was to get his chance in the Houston game. Don't count him out yet as he has looked good as a receiver.
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