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Any word on try-out players from rookie weekend?


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May 1, 2002
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I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the try-out players who were in the rookie camp last weekend? I have already seen that some teams have signed the try-out players they wanted.

My understanding from what Saban said is that roster moves would be required if Miami signs any of the try-out players they liked. From what I have read the only players I know they have singled out are receivers Bynes and Lucas. Even though folks talk about Bigby and Elam at safety, they really haven't been singled out. One other player that was highlighted was Joe Walkins, the kr/db from Illinois State (transfer from Auburn and Dillard graduate).

Bynes went as far as to say Miami would talk to his agent. But otherwise, I do not see anything defnitive (another sign of the tight lips at Dolphin camp).


No word yet.......but i think that we will prob sign some of the tryout guys this weekend or maybe early next week.
No but heres some things we can look for from next level scouting even if it is from the senior bowl i think theyre accurate assesments. Its a pay site so theres the link to some of the free stuff. Theres about 5-6 of our drafted/signed rookies in there.
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