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Anybody else ready to...


Feb 21, 2002
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...say we should have drafted Drew Brees instead of Jamar Fletcher???

I am...:evil:
I said that the second after we drafted Fletcher, but I am actually happy with the play, so I wish we would have taken an OT or Smoot.
The only problem I see with the statement "we should have taken Brees instead of Fletcher" is that we'd still need a good nickle back who can replace Mad or Pat... I'd rather us pick Smoot, who could step in as a starter at any time... at the QB position, we have Jay, and while not the greatest, he's adequate, and have some huge potential waiting in the wings with Sage. Brees has only played 2 games... let's not crown him with offensive MVP status just yet... you never know, he may turn into a Ryan Leaf... Smoot, however, is proven, and did a great job "out of the box"... and continues to improve....
I was gunning for Brees, but...

I must admit that I'm VERY happy with Fiedler... right now.

Actually, I've been pretty pleased with him since mid-season of 2001. And I will REPEAT that I think it was Gailey who screwed our offense more than anyone or anything else last year.

As for Fletcher... I willing to give him this year to prove his worth. In all truth, I think you HAVE TO give him that. CB is NOT an easy position to step into "just like that". RB is, for example. But NOT CB.

And one has to, at least, acknowledge the logic behind going for Fletcher in that draft. At the time we had Indianapolis with Manning, NE with Bledsoe, and the Jets with Vinny. ALL high powered PASSING offenses/qb's. And NOW, really, nothing has changed except maybe that things have gotten WORSE. Now NE had Brady and Buffalo has Bledsoe!!! Ok, Manning is out of the picture. But still! Look, I think that Fletcher will work out AND if he never amounts to being anything but a solid nickel/dime back then so be it.

I think the point is that we MUST have a solid nickel and dime defensive back. Actually, we need two. Maybe three!

And I think we have them. We just have to give them time.

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