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Anybody want to see some Phins highlights??


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Feb 3, 2002
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Going through old links and came back upon this one. Lets start the season already!!

Dolphin Video Clips
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:o OH!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! These are great.. Especially the CHAMBERS Vids... I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!! :o :o :o :evil: :evil: :evil: :eek: :eek: :eek: :lol: :lol: :lol:
muck thank u so much
that was amazaing. my parents are havin a serious talk and im here hootin and yellin ald laughin like na evil villain. i hadnt seen zach plant any1 in the ground in too long.

much appreciated ....
My pleasure.

Personally, I took an interest in Larry Chester. Did you guys see the one where Dixon and Ruddy are doubling him??

After watching that one. Is there any doubt about his effectiveness??
I have a question for all. In the final Buffalo game Mcknight and Feidler both made a corner of the Bills look really silly by jukeing them off thier feet. I couldn't make out in the clips who the corner(s) were, can anyone help me out? Over at all i keep hearing is how good tackalers Winfeild and Clements are and it would be so sweet if it is Winfeild(thats who it look like). Please help!
On the McKnight TD, it was Nate Clements. On the Fiedler run, it was Antoine Winfield. HA!! They took turns looking stupid.

Incidentally, Fiedler's TD came on 3rd and 16.
And did you hear how loud the crowd got for Jay's TD?? Nice.
No prob. Assuming their site ever comes back. :)
Talk about great tackling, check out "Lamar 4" during the Bills game. He drags Jay Foreman 15 yards after initial contact. FYI - Foreman plays for the Texans now.
How about the Minor TD against the he really can move. I can't wait bring on the season
No prob. I don't remember, but somebody else posted that link somewhere back in March or so. Think it was Canephins. Anyway, thanks to him and the dude who actually put up the site.
I'd rather not relive any highlights from any Bills games last year.
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