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Anyone been watching Nfl Europe


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Apr 24, 2002
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S Scott schields and the Wr Joey Getherall look like some promising players. Could Nfl Europe sucess translate into sucess in the Nfl or is the play so bad in Nfl Europe that its not a good indicator . Scott shield is playing a very physical and demanding position(safety). How realistic is that you can play that many games(nfleuropeand Nfl training camp) and not be worn down.
Football League Rankings
1. NFL
2. CFL
3. My Grandma's Bridge Club
4. NFL Europe
5. XFL

If you have a pulse & can stand on two legs, you too can succeed in NFL Europe.
Chauncey I think your being a little harsh on Nfl Europe. Just look at some of the big name players who used Nfl Europe to springboard their careers in Nfl. (Kurt Warner, Marcus Robertson, Laroi Glover etc.)
They would have gotten to the NFL anyway. Doesn't make it a good league worth my attention, though.
Chauncey You can't say they would have made it to the Nfl anyway. If there was no Arena Football league do you think Oronde Gadsen playing Wr for the dolphins. Too many Gms in the Nfl put to much stock in the measurebles(How tall is someone, Fast,etc) but don't measure the person heart. If you use Nfl Europe right it could pay dividends down the road for your team. It is a developmental league where you afford the opportunity for a youngster to get valuable experience playing every week. Something you can't afford to do during the season. Its the minor leagues. Just watch Nfl Europe there going to be at least 8 players that play a prominent role for there Nfl teams in the coming season.
I agree he's promising...

Originally posted by Dolfan984
I watched one game

Scott Shields looks VERY promising, he is a hitter!

...but I'd like to see him temper his aggression with a little common sense. He committed an unnecessary personal foul in the Rhein game which would otherwise have resulted in a good field position for the Claymores and in a game decided by a field goal could have made a big difference.
Yeah, yeah...just like I'd spend my time watching NCAA div 31-42 to scour for talent.

I hear Psychotic State has a hot prospect, LOL

Talent rises to the top, regardless of the bush league they come from. What I'm saying is with all the sports, pro & otherwise available for our viewing, listening & following pleasure, who the hell has time to follow the bush leagues? I think that was the premise of your thread....does anyone follow NFL Europe?
I watch the NFL Europe when I can.

I think that league tries to make the game faster, keep the scores up higher, due to the distinct difference beween American Football and Football (soccer). In soccer, there rarely is a stoppage of play, thus more active.

So I would only assume that safety would be a difficult position to play.
Personally, I compare NFL Europe to the likes of Arena Football, only with out the sudden stop when hitting the wall. :)
I wouldn't even call arena football "football"
It's like box lacrosse without the sticks
Curtis Alexander, the RB for the Frankfurt Galaxy from the Buffalo Bills is tearing up the league. There's a good chance he'll stick with the Bills this year.
While it is true that a few players have "honed" their skills in the NFL Europe league, you have to look at the percentages. The likelyhood that a player you send to the NFL Europe league will make your team is very slim. Most of the players sent over there are sent with the idea that one or two of them may be kept on the practice squad.

Ask yourself this. If the Dolphins thought one of the offensive players they sent over there had a chance to make the team, don't you think they would have kept him over here to learn the new offense?

Now, Scott Shields is a guy that may have a chance at sticking if he gets moved to linebacker. I'm not so sure he will stick as a safety.
I can't follow CFL/NFL Europe and the other leagues for simply one reason. It's like watching minor league A ball. Your watching 4th/5th sometimes 6th-9th rate players who aren't the best in the game. Sure there is the odd guy but I can't sit there watching and wondering which one is going to be it.
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