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Anyone know why?


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Jan 3, 2002
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I noticed that Fin Heaven ANd the phine zone are not hooked up together anymore ...what happened? I really enjoy both sites and just wondered why they have changed this arrangement?
Bye the way anyone think we should get rid of Derrick Rodgers and sign hardy nickerson?:monkey: draftpick compensation team
Re: a disagreement?

Originally posted by dolfan06
need an explanation on that one. why would 2 dolphin sites have a disagreement?:eek:

Most likely a case of 2 big websites getting so big that something was bound to happen. Phinzone was a joke for a long time, but they are putting out some great material of late. Phinzone keeps getting bigger while Phinheaven is pretty much staying pat, because they already were big. I mean Phinzone is giving away tickets to every Dolphins home game this year for pete sakes. If I had to guess probably a case of two "big" websites getting so big that a divorce was bound to happen. Both are good sites, but I will say PhinZone updates news faster and more often. Has better features with Kiper's Blue Book analysis of the Fins (as one example) and gives away tickets. To be honest I stopped coming to Phinheaven for a while because Phinzone was beating them to the punch and had better material. But now that I have more time I am back to reading both.

I won't pick sides or anything as long as the disagreement or divorce stays clean an no petty fighting occurs which ruins everything. Competition is great for us the redears. As long as there isn't any ripping off of ideas or content, I will read both websites. Hopefully things won't get ugly and whatever disagreement will get worked out and things will go back to the way it was! :cool:
ted, you came in late..........

finheaven is growing like a weed. 2 years ago, finheaven didn't even have a message board.

most of the growth is due to AJ not settling for just good. he always has "better" in mind!;)
Plus the members donate $$ to support the site. I know nothing about the PhinsZone or other sites because my loyalty lies here with all my peeps. :D
I would personally like to keep it as a disagreement between two great websites. Ted is right, in some ways. I guess people could say that two huge sites will eventually break off. However, I hope that we could remain friends (webmasters that is).

As for content, from what I gathered, someone gave tickets to the owner of the website. IMO, thats luck. Sure, if I had an extra $400 laying around, I would make that type of contest. However, I also think that giving away a few prizes to a few winners is much better down the road. (You can conclude that more contests are in the works.)

Also, 06 is correct. FinHeaven & Co is growing rapidly. When a feature is added, its not some stupid little thing. The message board is a great example. The site didn't settle for anything less, and we have devoted a lot of time to making this board better and better as time goes by.

The overall picture is this, some websites (not PhinZone specifically) add little features just to name them a feature, and don't really serve any purpose. Why? I really don't know. While FinHeaven & CO tries to find what the fan wants and needs. And then make it as best as possible.

In conclusion, PhinZone and FinHeaven & Co are both great websites. Each with their own little pros and cons. There was a disagreement, and the best option was to break off the affiliation.

Hope that answers your questions.
The internet is a big place. There is room for everyone...big sites and small sites.


This site has grown a lot since I started coming here in September of last year. This place used to barely have any news, and now it comes out with articles everyday. Keep up the work guys (this place is a lot better than PhinZone by the way.)
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