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Anyone read this from Len Pasquarelli


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Mar 19, 2002
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By Len Pasquarelli

The more significant spoils from the Patriots' victorious 2001 season, the Super Bowl rings the players received from owner Bob Kraft early this spring, recently showed up in an e-mail photo sent to some Miami Dolphins veterans. In the picture, four former Miami veterans -- linebacker Larry Izzo, cornerback Terrell Buckley, offensive lineman Grey Ruegamer and quarterback Damon Huard -- are posed with their middle fingers extended and flashing the Super Bowl rings. The rings contain 143 diamonds, have been appraised at $15,000, and that is believed to make them the most expensive in league history. The picture was meant in fun but Patriots coach Bill Belichick apparently didn't see the levity in it. Word is that the players were fined, allegedly for providing the Dolphins incentive for their first matchup with the Pats this year, on Oct. 6 at Miami.

I don't know if this has already been discussed but it's pretty funny stuff, good to see old teammates still giving eachother shi* and having fun.
Belichick might of over reacted a little with the fines.:lol:
don't miss 'em.....................

does anyone miss ANY off those turds?

GREY RUEGAMER? dudes favorite hobby is puting sheep nuts in his mouth and biting them off. plus he was a weekling that couldn't make our 3rd string.

bet whoever's locker was next to his is glad he's gone. can you imagine having to smell sheep sack breath in a hot locker room?

TERRELL BUCKLEY: whined like a lil baby because the finz wanted him to play the nickel spot. we all now how he did there. and when he did play the outside cb, his highlight tapes were usually trying to catch some wr with that supposed 4.3 speed.

i guy named toast who couldn't handle the jam at the line of scrimage. c-ya.

LARRY IZZO: thought he deserved ray lewis type money for basically doing nothing but looking like barney rubble. coming to a car wash near you soon!!

DAMON HUARD: isn't he still 3rd string on the pats? tom brady had what, 3 td's [1 was scramble i think] and 900 yds passing and he is there 3rd stringer? bwahahahahah!!! and is sooo hurt he wasn't named the finz starter. guy hands out a mean towel in the shower room though. without him, no pats superbowl.




[and rosey o'donnell to]
Anybody know where I can get a copy of that pic ??

It is a funny story, if true, but I have to agree w/Clayton--outside of being former Dolphins, what the hell did they contribute to the season ?? (Outside of T-Buck, IMO is a better DB than you give him credit for)
It was probably just a prank between friends but you're right they didn't contribute much to the team to get the rings. If anything it's another log on the fire that burns knowing that NE is probably the most unrespected SB champs in history considering that they had a week 17 bi, and went in healthy not to mention the whole tuck rule/fumble incident. Add that with Martzs' ego in the SB and BAM!! a picture of four turds flipping the bird while wearing SB rings appears. :lol:
Each player got fined $1000. It was a joke between friends, but the Phins will use it as bulletin board material.

T-Buck was a good player for us. He gambled a little too much, but he was still a solid CB. And he became even better in NE. That's why we almost signed him again. And I really wish we could have.
Buckley is an OK CB. He can make great plays, especially in the clutch, but he lets a lot of big plays go by. He is kind of like a baseball player who swings for the fences.
Buckley was my favorite Pat when he picked Vinny to seal that win over the Jets. Izzo helped out on ST, but none of the ex-Fins had anything to do with the reason they won the SB. P.S. you forgot T Shaw, too.
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