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Anyone Tailgating for NE

Rob hoffman

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Jul 20, 2002
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I am coming down from Pennsylvania for this Sunday's game against NE???

Is anyone out there tailgating?
Would really like to meet some of the Dolfans out there!:p
Going down myself Thursday morning for the game (from Massachusetts) but don't know what my tailgating plans are yet. How can I reach you to let you know during the next few days?

Jack (Bob K)
Well, I am 16 and I doubt I will be tailgating.. but if you wanna meet me and some Dolphins fans feel free to im me and i can give you my cell or something to meet up

IM me at takeit2dahouse00 on aol or aim
well..we are always tailgating....

we start at 9/9:30am....around 11/11:30am we move to sportstown to catch up with more dolfans from the internet (locals and outsiders)...

lemme know...
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