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Anyone think we will trade up in the draft?


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Now that we have not gotten as much as we had hoped for in "compensation" cough/cough picks, does anyone think that we will stand pat?
Or will we package some of our lower picks to try to get up into the 2nd round at least?
Personally, I am very underwhelmed about our draft right now.
I know that is the hand that we are dealt, and we have put those lost draft picks to very good use (Greenwood/RW), but, right now the Draft Day is just one gigantic bore.
I do not consider myself a "Draftnic", far from it.
But, I do like to take an interest in the names that are going to be picked so I can relate that to what it means to the Fins.
I usually attend the "Dolphins Draft Party" at Pro Player every year, I have only missed I think one in the last 5 or 6 years.
It's always a blast.
Lots of Dolfans there, all talking about who we want our fins to pick, who will drop, whose stock is rising (like we really know).
It is great comaraderie for dolfans to get together.
The suspense is always nerveracking when the fins are close to being, or are, on the board.
With our first pick at #90, what suspense is there?
That pick will probably be taken somwhere around 6pm.
After having been there since 11 am or so, no way would there be too many people still around by that time.
In fact, the radio live broadcast is for only the first round, I bebeive.
So, unless we move up to the 2nd rd,(I am not even hoping for the 1st), I will not be attending the Draft Party this year.
What do I have to look forward to?
What the freakin' Arizona Cardinals will pick with the whatever pick they have?
Who cares?
I want my draft party!!!!! :monkey: on comp picks
It's not likely. I think there are too many needs in the draft to trade up and the O-Linemen in the 3rd don't look that much better than those that will be available in the second. :)
Does your work schedule look like this now?

DCH's work schedule


When is the last time we have ever been shut out of the first day of a draft?

I don't know what kind of formula the NFL uses to award picks....but whatever it is....Sherman and Peaabody are ready to go....with the Way Back Machine. And the first stop is the ARIZONA CARDINALS.

I don't see any way the Dolphins are going to have any leverage at try and get into the second round.

I do believe that the league penalized the Dolphins....solely because of TRACE...getting injured early and out for the year.

I was eagerly awaiting a 4th round pick...that was more realistic than a third.

This is where we are at...there is nothing we can do about it. Prepare your mock drafts....accordingly now.

Im on my way to getting me a new AM radio it looks like I will be working for the first time a Draft has been on ESPN.

Clayton has a break-down of how the NFL awards compensatory picks. It appears to have a lot to do with how many players are lost do to salary cap considerations and not as much to do with how impactful one or two players might be. Anyway, here's the link: Clayton's Report :cry:
There is no need for us to trade up in the draft. The only scenario that seems somewhat fathomable is that we draft down or package picks for higher picks in the next draft. Plus our salary cap situation is not that great, some players will be doing some restructuring over the next month or so.
It's highly unlikely, considering that the Herald today reported that the Dolphins told a number of highly touted players, like Jeremy Shocky not to come for a workout under the premise that they would not be able to pick them.
ice said it correctly...we picked up the best RB in the draft with 25th pick(and we didnt give away our entire draft, lol), im at OL and DL can be found in the later rounds
Not to worry.

A 5th rounder is better than no pick at all. Remember we got a MLB named Zach Thomas in the 5th round not to many years ago!:stooges:
It's actually a 6th rounder. By the time we pick with our comp will be after the whole 5th round is over. So you kind of have to look at like we get an early 6th.

It does suck that we don't pick until the third, but then again, it is still interesting to see where players go, and hey, it's a football weekend regardless of when we pick.

Boomer, and all the gang will be discussing stuff...PLUS, it's the halfway point in the off-season. Not to mention their will be mini camp right after the draft.
Originally posted by dolfan87
It's the halfway point in the off-season. Not to mention their will be mini camp right after the draft.

That's right, 3 months would have passed by the time the draft gets here! :jumper: :D
Isn't there any way to accelerate time in order to get to the regular season sooner?? I'm jonesin' for some Football!!! :eek:
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