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Anyone watch Sabans wrap-up?


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Dec 23, 2004
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I found an interesting statement in the transcript -

(On what he plans for Sunday) – “We talked about some of the needs on the team, but I think that the way that we’ll approach tomorrow is to try to get the best possible players that we feel that we can to help our team have success. Short of that, I doubt if we would pick the same players that we picked today at the same positions unless they were just obviously that much better than anybody else and somebody that we felt like would really be a positive asset moving forward on our team.â€Â

I found that interesting. It felt like Saban isn't intending on drafting a QB -- a move I seriously agree with now. We need quality. More specifically, BPA type guys from these later rounds. IMO Elton Brown type players who can strengthen our line and help out Ronnie.
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