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Are you supersticious? Well this is important...


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Oct 15, 2001
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Hey did you guys notice that we wore our Teal uniforms for the first time at home vs Indy. and man did we crush them......

I watched the Wansted show right before our last jets game and a fin fan emailed him and asked him how come we dont wear our teal uniforms at home vs the jets? And wanny said Spielman didnt want to.....Call it what you want......Personally I like our white uniforms better, but I would go with whatever is winning us games at home.....And i dont even know wether im supersticious or not.:confused: :confused: :confused:
P.S. did we wear our teal uniforms against Tennesse? I cant recall.:confused:
I like the teal uniforms better as well!! :cool: We didn't have teal uniforms against Tennessee..We had white.....See :D

In the beggining ofthe season they shouldn't wear their teal uniforms because it is a darker color and there fore is hotter. When we played the Raiders cbs put a themometer in both a Dophin and Raider jersey, the 1 in the Oakland jersey was 10 degrees hotter.

that could come down to a number of things, i know colours attract and reflect heat , but it could also be effected by

slightly different material
thickness of the material
the person wearing it, how much they perspire
how well fitting the shirt is
the person in the oakland shirt probably had to get thru more work aswell :)
they weren't being worn by anyone. They were just 2 jersey's cbs got. The point was the color, the darker the color the hotter it is. this isn't a big deal, unless the feild temp is 110 degrees like it is in Miami the first month or 2.
Are you superstitious?

That reminds me of a totally funky Stevie Wonder song. It's on Talking Book, which is a killer album. "Very superstitious, writing on the wall...":cool: anyway, back to the teal and white uniforms. The teal has a subtle yet loud clash with the field and just says "I'm cool, I'm from South Beach, try and tackle me". The white uniforms say "Hey, I'm a freakin sitting duck, I can't blend in with anything on the field so I'm just gonna lay down on the ground." The teal definitely says "YES!" to me.:lol: Ok, I'm through talkin outta my ass......:D
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