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Around the League (Our Future Opponents)


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Feb 12, 2002
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Orange County, CA
Some of the things the 'Fins did (or didn't do) concerned me quite a bit today, but some of the things our future opponents did concerned me even more. Here's a look around the league:

Patriots: Showed that Holmes running for 180 yards on their vaunted rush defense was no fluke when Ladanian Thomlinson posted a whopping 200+ yards on the ground against them today! Next week should be a good week for Ricky.

Bills: They're a mirror image of the Chiefs team we saw today: no defense, tons of offense, and they score a lot of points. The Bills could actually be our biggest hurdle in the AFC East.

Raiders: Holy crap! I didn't watch much of this game but, from what I did see as well as what I've read, indicates that there's not a lot of weakness on this team right now. At least we get to play them at home, late in the season when their old bones start giving them problems.

Chargers: They're the real deal and that defense is suffocating. Good news here is, like the Raiders, we play them at home, and they don't have much of a passing game.

Green Bay: Looked stout against a good Panthers team that barely lost. I'll be at this Monday night game and I'm hoping for something good to happen here although it's Lambeau and it's going to be cold.

We also have to face the Broncos who're looking like powerhouses and the Bears who fight hard and have not been out of one of their games.

All in all this schedule is starting to look harder and harder as the easiest games the 'Fins have left are against the Vikes and the Jets, and that's it folks.

This schedule is shaping up to be a road trip through Hell which means the division winner is likely going to be the last man standing as opposed to the most dominent team in the division. Don't look now 'Fin fans, but things are going to get a lot are our boys going to respond?


Dec 13, 2001
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I know its so cliche but..."take 'em one game ata a time...."
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