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Dec 12, 2001
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First let me start with Joey Harrington. Even though Carr is more than likely the more talented of the 2 i would almost garunte Joey has a more sucsefull season. He should thank his lucky stars that Carr came out of no where to become the top prospect in this draft. There is no fait worse than playing QB for an expansion team, check out Couch's hospital report. Joey will more than likely be drafted in the middle of round 1 going to a some what sucsefull team, and should put up good #s.

Next look at what is going on in Baltimore if you havent already seen. Here is their list of players lost thus far
Baltimore Ravens

Player lost
LB Jamie Sharper (Texans)
WR Jermaine Lewis (Texans)
TE Shannon Sharpe (released)
WR Qadry Ismail (released)
DB Rod Woodson (released)
FB Sam Gash (released)
DE Rob Burnett (released)
DT Larry Webster (released)
DT Tony Siragusa (released)
OT Kipp Vickers (released)
OT Leon Searcy (Dolphins)
DT Sam Adams (contract voided)
QB Elvis Grbac (released)
LB Brad Jackson (Panthers)
This team right here could probably beet Carolina by 30 points. I m glad that Baltimore is no longer a contender but this is a shame. Something has to be done in the NFL to protect vetrean players. When something like this happens to a marquis team it is a black eye for the NFL and is almost as bad as the Yankees haveing 1 player that earns more than the whole Royals team. I am all for the cap because it makes every team equal but some measure need to be taken to prevent the back loading of contracts and players moving around like it is a game of musical chairs.

Next on to Tampa Bay. I can't beleave that every newspaper in the nation isn't bashing them on a daily basis. Didn't anyone in TB hear of Herchal Walker? IMO John Gruden is the most over rated coach in the history of football. Did anyone notice that the Raiders fell apart towards the end of the season, in the style of a certain Miami team. If anyone deserves the credit for Oaklands turn around the past couple of seasons it is Al Davis. He is the one that got older players in Silver and Black that have revived the Raider tradtion.

Last stop NY. I know many of you will not admit it but the Jets are looking like a solid team. They got the best lb in free agency, they did lose 2 cbs but also brought anohter good cb in, they kept their o-line pretty much intact(one of the best in football), they are getting their big DT back(Fergusing), and they now should start adjusting to their new coaching staff. If Vinny can get his act together and the WRs and Becht keep improveing they could be among the top 4 teams in the AFC.
As of right now, Baltimore only has 13 players on it's defensive roster. And Ray Lewis wants $100 million. They're a mess
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