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Article on Yahoo! - Smooth Moves, Miami?

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Apr 23, 2005
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While nobody is expecting a miracle from Saban next season, it wouldn't be a total shock to see him whip Miami into playoff contention from the outset. He was a top-notch coordinator with the Browns, then flaunted his ability to patiently turn around flagging college programs without resorting to gimmicks. And lest anyone forget, Saban isn't taking over a Dolphins team completely devoid of talent. Miami still has a strong defensive core that's complemented by a very good draft class. If he can get Williams back into the fold, and institute the focus and motivation former coach Dave Wannstedt couldn't, Saban could immediately make his mark as this offseason's best move.
This was posted about two days ago.
I posted the same article about 30 minutes ago. :D
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