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Attention AJ.............


Welcome to Miami Daunte!!
Sep 19, 2001
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I came up with a new kind of forum you could put in place if you'd like. You could call it, "Dolphins memoribilia" forum. The idea behind it would be a place for everyone to post pics of their 'phins memoribilia or their 'phins shrines in their homes to proudly display. What do you think? Any thoughts from any of the mods?(06,39,87):goof:
not a bad idea, but I asked AJ about a more generic concept of finheaven member photo albums and he decided - rightfully so - that it would eat up all of the alloted diskspace. I suppose your version of a very specific photo album could be moderated to provide a nice little member scrapbook as long as people did not mind get stuff deleted if they posted too much.
Its not about forums, its about disk space. Right now it won't be a problem, but as the site gets larger and larger it will end up taking up way too much space. Something that the site can not afford at the current time. Maybe in the future though.
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