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Attention: Virus Warning


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Sep 2, 2001
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Atlanta, GA
I received this from clumpedplatelet through a PM:

Many of the former BBI posters at the new site received e-mails titled "2002" from posters at BBI. It appears it may be a virus as a number of posters at BFZ are now having computer problems. I see that there is a thread in the NFL Smack about "BBI needs writers"......check to see if anyone here is having computer problems. I'm at work right now, but I may have problems when I get home. I'm sending you this warning because it appears that anyone that posts at BFZ may be a target and I know a number of Fins fans post at both Bills sites....Thanks B.
Thanks for the heads up AJ.

Personally, I don't have any concerns myself as I never go to other teams sites.
Thanks for posting this AJ.......I would prefer that people know that, if true, viruses aren't being sent by people at

...Cause BillsZone ROCKS! People should go by there simply to see that awesome graphic at the top of the main page (hoover over a team).

But no problem for posting this... I have to look out for people on these boards....
Could be the resident turd that pulls this junk of Phin sites as well.
I've received my first "threat" I'm just looking out for ANY poster from ANY site........I know I do not have the $$$ to get my computer fixed right now.
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