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Attn Finfans!!!!!!!


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Sep 2, 2001
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i'm not even going into the fact whether or not this guy can do what he says.
just think about this, would you make a threat to do something then come back and tell everybody when and how, i don't think so. this sounds like a kid wearing daddy's shoes and HE doesn't know who he's messing with!
i gotta get my buns to work, but if anybody can handle this dude, dolfan87 and AJ can! L8tr
i was kinda concerned..............

about this guy. so i talked to another person that knew #1 Jets Fan pretty well, even talked to him on the phone. his threats, forget em, this guy is a sicko and how he got in the position he's in i'll never know. and he's not affiliated in any way with the internet. he's online all day because he does have someone answering the phone for him, but from what i understand its because he can't put 2 ledgible words together! :o
I don't even want to know :rolleyes: not go go there :p :o

i'm overly concerned, but several people have commented they liked this board. not knowing this guy, and calling his bluff, i put this board in jeopardy. anybody that talks about somebodys family or how much they have in the bank is not all there as far as i'm concerned(a taco short of a combination plate) i just wanted to let everyone know, its ok! ;)
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