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Authentic Jersey??????


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Jun 13, 2005
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Hi guys~

This is my first posting to the site, although I am a long time Dolphin Fan. I am in California, and wish that I was in FL for training camp coming up next month. I have a question. Every year I buy an authentic jersey of my favorite fin. I have a white Thomas and Surtain. I also have an aqua Chambers. This year I was set on an aqua Poole, but then the injury. Im thinking that im gonna go.....

1. Aqua Roth #98
2. White McMichael #81
3. Aqua Daniels #21
4. White Bua #22

Does anyone think that Bua will be an impact player or just a special teams guru? I think Roth will tear up the league for years to come. Give me some advice, and nice to meet you all!
I would wait on the McMichael to see if he re-signs after this year, and I can tell you with some confidence that Bua will not be an "impact" player, he may contribute some on special teams and maybe a little bit on defense but I wouldnt look for much more. The Daniels jersey would be less of a gamble than Bua but still not a sure shot at being a star. Roth would definetly be a good buy. By the way, your going to have to get these customized so your going to be paying quite a bit.
I think your right about Bua, but that hit on the Rams player was the outright most exciting play last year. I will surely wait on the McMichael contract extension before I buy him. I think Roth will be it!
Welcome to Finheaven. I too think Roth is your best bet. Bua is a monster on ST but I don't think he'll be doing much on the starting defense. Mcmike is a safe bet too, I don't think Saban lets him get away (if he excells in Linehan's O).
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