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Available Bills Ticket


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May 1, 2006
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I know its not in Florida but if there are any available Dolphin fans in the Buffalo area who would like to sit 12 rows from the field for the game Sunday for around $70 let me know. Get back to me here or email me at insom187@yahoo.com if youre interested. My friend bailed on me to go so I have only one availabel seat. It also going to be my first game so expect to sit next to somebody going crazy during the game. Thanks a lot, go Phins!
I would be honored to buy that ticket and watch the game with a fellow Dolphins fan. If you didn't get a email offer all ready then let me know if I have first dibbs.

We can exchange cell phone numbers and hook up in the parking lot prior to the game for a little tailgating too if you want. Nothing like good food and a few cold ones before kickoff :D

If I don't have first dibbs then guess I'll shame one of the lame Bills fans I work with into going on Sunday with me.
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