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Bad news for Packers

These rankings are useless. There is no dominant team in the NFL this year
The point is that every week for the past 5 weeks, the team that I ranked #1 has lost their next game.
How did the Bills do this weekend?? Oh never mind, i forgot just how great Drew Bledsoe is. We should call Ralph Wilson Stadium "New England Patriots Stadium"
Originally posted by RobertHoover
We can transfer the name of our park to JoeRobbie then right? didn't dominate in our stadium like the Pats dominated you...We shut down your O...we gave the game to u on turnovers we win...The Pats dominated you...They own your stadium name...When you get dominated in your own stadium then that team can claim your stadium name as theirs...Look again and I think you know you were dominated...owned...and BEAT by the pats..:lol:
Well, we all know what happens to every team in that #1 spot. Each and every time. Lemme see if I get the teams correct that were #1 and then lost the very next game.
....and now Green Bay.
Does this mean they'll lose? Not by any means. But so far, no team has dominated either. I think this game should mean more to the Dolphins then it should to the Packers, standings wise. Other then being on prime time, what else could it matter to them?

But then again, I am rooting for the Dolphins. But I've picked the pack to win.
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