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Bates just said, "Surtain almost certainly won't play"


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Feb 3, 2002
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We've prepared for it, but now we know for sure.

Speaking of the streak, Zach said on ESPN just now, "Yeah, their in our head. But who cares?? When Sunday at 1:00 comes, I hope to be under THEIR CHIN."
Damn that sucks ...but we will handle this in stride look for a breakthrough game from fletcher and I like gamble in the nickle ...quote me on that!
Whats w/ the Colts and our CBs? Last year they knocked Sam out for a month or two, this year Surtain is gone.
Here it is Fletcher's chance to prove he's more than a second rate corner. He shut David Terrell down in college, so we know he has some skills, now lets see him shut down Moss. Make me a believer Jamar
He better shut him down. That’s how the Colts got back in the game, they picked on Fletcher, he better prove he can play.
The problem the Jets WRs present is SPEED. Not only that, but they are accomplished RECEIVERS. So he's got to use great TECHNIQUE to compensate for his lack of speed (like Sam and Pat do). He'll have his hands full.
This is going to be a high scoring game. Martin will likely have a good game now too because without Patrick we will probably have to keep the safeties back to protect Jamar.
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