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Baz news yet??


Thanks for the memories Pat
May 24, 2004
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anyone seen or heard anything about Baz yet...(for those who dont know who Baz is, he's a safety from UNM and is a mod here)
I was just wondering the same thing. Dont' know anything about his play, but since he is a safety, how cool would it be for the phins to bring him in?
I'm sure Baz will let us know when Baz wants to. He knows we are all pulling for him. But this could be a tough time for him.
If for whatever reason Baz doesn't get signed (I really hope he does though...go BAZ!! :up: ) maybe he should go to the Arena League. I know some people may look down on it but it might give him a fresh start and a chance to show off his skills. Oh and NFL coaches and scouts DO keep an eye on the Arena League so you never know.
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