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Before I am labeled a Panic Monger


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May 1, 2002
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Before you guys label me a panic monger, no I don't think the loss of one player messes up the whole season. My threads are more about problem solving than panic. I am not an idiot as has been referred, but I always think about problem solving. And no the patriots didn't win with practice squad guys. There was some quality to the guys they picked up that could be used. This board has some real sharp folks, but there are some who get their kicks taking down folks a couple of notches. I am secure and can take a joke like anyone. But those of you who attack might need to ask yourself how secure you are.

If your suggestions start with Ty Law ask why we traded Pat..
I am not suggesting signing Law, or Buckley

I never have suggested signing Law or Buckley. It would have been nice to have been more aggressive signing rookie free agents like Browner, but I am generally pleased with all of Miami's signings. I am just suggesting that the roster needs more corners, if for any other reason to run an effective practice, and maybe get lucky and find someone like Bill did last year.

Of course we will sign more guys give them a week or so, we don't need them on the roster to practice now because we are not practicing.
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