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Bench the Jets, start Mare , etc

I always start Mare :D I always have our D as well ;):D I will be starting Chris Chambers this week being as I can't use Sharpe or Ismail cause Bal is off this week....
no comment is better than a Bench ;)
I'll be starting Chambers the rest of the year. I dont have any Jets to bench :D

I dont have any players, on my two pay league teams, that are from teams I hate:
Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
Since we are playing the #1 D that may have a little to with it.
The Fins are playing a sorry D and all they say is start their kicker. Now what does that tell you about Miami offense?
Once again, that they are neutral about our O, but Rhodes is Benched even though our run D is not spectacular - so what does that tell you ? They did not say to Bench Fatuaa-Mualasllaasdaeiou ?
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