Best Case Scenario: 49ers pick Rodgers


May 17, 2004
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For us, I think the best-case scenario would be for the 49ers to take Aaron Rodgers at #1 because, then, assuming the reports are true about the Buccaneers being in love with Smith and wanting to trade up to get him, and the Vikings wanting to trade up to get B Edwards, the Bucs and the Vikes would get into a bidding war to move up to #2, giving us more value in a trade down. Hopefully, they'd both feel the need to get to #2 in front of the Browns at #3, as the Browns could target either one of those players.

Who knows? Maybe the Browns really covet B Edwards (like I've read) too, and then they would be forced to get into the bidding war as well to stay in front of Minnesota. This could mean means swaping 1st-rd picks with the Phins and Phins getting a extra 3rd round pick in return. Or, at the least, it could give us evidence to use as leverage in negotiations for a trade down.

Bottom line is, if you dont want Aaron Rodgers to be picked at #2 by the Phins, then you should hope he goes #1 to SF, as it should ultimately give us more value in a trade down.
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