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"best Game We Played Last Year!!


We Are Still Going To The SB
May 24, 2002
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What's up fellow Phin-at-ic's, I am just happy as **** today is friday and ya know what we do on Fridays. I am so looking forward to this season. I can't wait to just shut everybody up finally. I believe this year we are going to head hunt and massacre every team in on your way. I feel like we are long overdue and we are going to get what belong's to us, which is that Super Bowl Trophy. I was just thinking about the best game that I think we played last year. It has to be the Indy game on Monday Night Football. The whole team dominate them sorry boys, and that game place Chris Chambers in the spotlight!!..HAHHAHA. #84 CCCHHRIIISS CHHHAMMBERSS!!= DOMINATION!
Rookie Chambers becomes Miami's clutch character

By Jarrett Bell, USA TODAY

By Mike Groll, AP

The Dolphins' Chris Chambers, right, has earned the respect of his quarterback, Jay Fiedler. "I'm dropping back thinking, 'If he's got one-on-one coverage, I'm going to him."

MIAMI  Chris Chambers wore a cool sweatshirt with his blue jeans to Monday night's showcase game against the Indianapolis Colts. The black shirt featured a large patch in the middle with faces of characters from the '70s-era cartoon series, Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids.

Quick question for Miami's 23-year old rookie receiver:

Are you even old enough to appreciate Fat Albert?

Chambers was 6 when the series went into syndication.

"I saw the reruns," he says, grinning broadly.

Chambers probably wouldn't mind reruns of Monday's prime-time effort. In a 41-6 rout of the Colts, he showed why he has blossomed into a late-charging candidate to be NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

He leaped, twisted and leaned over Rodregis Brooks for 2-yard touchdown catch that gave Miami a 14-0 lead in the second quarter. Then early in the fourth quarter, he blazed past Brooks before diving to haul in a 32-yard TD pass from Jay Fiedler that made it 27-6.

The scores gave Chambers a Miami rookie-record seven touchdowns  all of which have come in the past five games. And they also added further proof that as Miami (9-3) makes its playoff push behind a stiff defense that forced four Indianapolis turnovers, it has a formidable deep threat to bolster an offense that has struggled with its running game.

"He does something new every week," Miami coach Dave Wannstedt said. "That is all part of the growing process of being a rookie. He is obviously having a fantastic season. There cannot be a rookie playing better in the NFL or contributing more to a football team than Chris Chambers."

Actually, San Diego can make a case for its freshly-minted 1,000-yard rusher, LaDainian Tomlinson. And Pittsburgh inside linebacker Kendrell Bell is the favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Yet if nothing else, Chambers is looking like the steal of the draft.

Miami drafted the Wisconsin product in the second round, 52nd overall. There were nine wide receivers selected before Chambers  yet none can match Chambers' 640 receiving yards on 34 catches or the TD total. Chambers snagged game-winning TDs against Indianapolis and Buffalo. This from a player who hasn't cracked the starting lineup  yet.

Chambers, who gets his minutes as the third wideout, is averaging an NFL-best 18.8 yards a catch.

Despite running a sub-4.4 in the 40-yard dash and possessing a 44-inch vertical leap, Chambers may have slipped on draft boards because he missed five games with a foot injury his senior season then didn't participate in any bowl games for prospects because he didn't want to risk further injury. And it didn't help that Chambers didn't possess big stats as Wisconsin's offense revolved around a Michael Bennett-led rushing attack.

"But we went to two Rose Bowls," Chambers said. "We had to throw the ball some time, and it was me doing the dirty work. I guess I was a little underrated, but that's in the past now."

That was old, but Chambers is very good. I think the best game that we played was against the Colts when we won 41-6, but the best game was the Buffalo game when we beat them with 45 seconds left in the game with that great catch by Chris Chambers.
I'll take the Raiders game 18-15...

They were talking about them for SB bound at the beginning of the season and we beat them!!!!

Gannon only 125 yds, Rice one catch for 7 yds, Brown 3 for 20!!!

That was a great effort!!!
The Raiders game really was great. We appeared to be out of our league after the Raiders went down the feild uncontested the first 2 possesions, but our d didn't quit, and made some adjustments to shut them down for the rest of the game. Then Jay showed something every coach wants out of his starting QB, resilliance. He shook off his 2 ints and came up big when it really mattered.
IMO the Titans game no doubt. At that point in the season (the 1st game) I thought beating the Titans was tatamount to being the #1 SB contender
The raida game for Heart, but the Indy game hands down as far as complete dominance in every facet of a game. That was a royal a$$-whoopin'!
what I really care about is that this time next year, I will be saying Sept 22nd vs. Jets as the answer to this question :D
I really liked the Falcons game, it wasnt the best but that last tackle by Zach was so damn heart stopping. I really loved the bills game too, (look below for my favorite play of the season) HAHAHAHAHA LOL

The utter dominance of the Colts...Showed exactly what our team is capable of...I liked the Denver game...very sloppy close nit game...Then BAM...D scores and we end up running away with it.:eek: :evil:
yeah the denver game was good, and i was at the raider game, oh my god it was so f*ing loud i almost ****ted my pants. Everyone was yelling and it was mayhem.
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