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Best player on the Dolphins?

Steve Mo

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Jul 14, 2002
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My opinion on who the best player is as follows:

Off: Chris Chambers #84 WR
Def: Zach THomas #54 MLB
Too early to're going on last years probable two..I'll know probably in by the 6th game who's consistence...Yes everybody Zach is real consistence, but I talking about this year...Some others may pick it up and surprise us.
I agree to early. But if I were going to guess who will make the biggest impact for this eason:

Offense: Ricky
Defense: Surtain
ST: (aside from K/P) - Minor
What has Minor ever done on ST to even warrent consideration as our best STs player?

Perry, Gamble, McGarahan, Dyer are all better STs players.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT in my mind, that SAM MADISON is the DOLPHINS BEST PLAYER!!! He plays the hardest position in SPORTS and takes away their BEST receiver week in week out!! I love SURTAIN but if you notice,teams try to get their best receivers matched with SURTAIN instead of MADISON!! They are both TOP FLIGHT CORNERS but MADISON HAS THE EDGE!!
Chris Chambers would have to catch for 1300+ yards this year to get my vote over Ricky Williams. Right now its Ricky and Madison for me. In training camp so far, however, it would appear that Patrick Surtain is making his bid for best on the defense. 9 interceptions in 9 training camp days. Only been beaten a few times. Even if its just training camp thats damn impressive.
I like both cover guys, but if i had to guess, I think that Surtain is going to have a huge year. It's just a guess. Madison is great, but Surtain is ready to break out.

As for Minor on Special Teams. He is the Kick Returner and having watched how explosive he can be, I have a feeling that he might make us remember what it was like to have a real threat back there.

But lets be honest. This early we are just guessing. It's fun to guess, but we won't know anything for at least a couple weeks.
I hope Surtian saves some int's for the season.
Laugh at me now, but Jay Fiedler will take home the gold for the offense, and Jason Taylor for the Defense.
on O it betta be Ricky or we will not be any better than last year

on D much tougher, but gotta bo with the guy that started the Pro Bowl for us, Mr. Sam Madison. (sorry Zach and JT)
R. Williams and Zach Thomas.I chose these two players for the following reasons....

Ricky will gain yardage both on the ground and through the air.

Zach is responsible for playing the run, pass and also blitzing.

They`re not one dimentional players.
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