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Best UDFA's still avaliable

Jan 17, 2005
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Ok, so the best that I personally think that are out there is:

1) Ernest Shazor S Michigan Projected Rnd: Early Third

2) Brandon Browner CB Oregon State Projected Rnd: Mid Third

3) Ben Wilkerson C LSU Projected Rnd: Early Fourth

4) Junior Rosegreen S Auburn Projected Rnd: Mid Third

5) Jonathan Clinkscale Wisconsin OG Projected Rnd: Mid Fifth

6) Michael Munoz Tennessee OT Projected Rnd: Late Fourth

7) James Butler Georgia Tech S Projected Rnd: Late Fourth

8) Marcus Lawrence South Carolina ILB Projected Rnd: Late Third

9) Tyler King Conn. DT Projected Rnd: Late Third

10) Jim Davis VT DE Projected Rnd: Late Second

Any others? Think we actually will sign any of them?
Wilkerson is close to a lock or teams should just avoid him completely. If he doesn't sign with Nick who needs a center than he's useless.
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