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biggest matchup of the game: Taylor vs. Jennings


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Aug 3, 2002
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jason taylor is going to reak havoc on drew bledsoe, which will cause turnovers, which will cuase points for buffalo to be points for fins. oaklands D intercepted drew in buffalo 3 times. they have DB's as good as ours but not as experienced with the bills and bledsoe. Jason Taylor is the best DE in football right now becuase of his versatilty in disrupting plays and causing fumbles and stopping the run. His four point stance is working by giving him more underneath power by starting off like a track star. it also keeps him from going offsides cus it gives him a sort of discipline from jumping the gun. I see jonas jennings having to hold as much as possible to keep drew clean. which means a few big plays will be called back IMO. JT will cause alot of disruption just like he did against griese. by the 4th quarter, griese was throwing interceptions cus he was whacked alot and he was having to throw the ball more. i see buffalo actually gameplanning to run travis henry alot to keep the dolphins honest and so they wont tire out as much in the fourth in the heat. We need to concentrate on the run first and give them underneath stuff early and kind of let them come down the field only to change the coverages later and confuse bledsoe. we tend to bend and not break becuase we are seeing what it is that the offense is doing and then we change up in the second half. the two things we can actually count on for sure, no questions asked, is that Taylor will have another huge game, and Ricky will carry the rock and wear down that crappy D. if they bring 8 in the box, they will be in trouble becuase they dont know ray lucas. ricky still gets 3 yards a pop with 8 in the box(see new england game) which means the playaction will be huge. dont underestimate Ward and Mcnight, they are eager to prove and ward has a personal thang with lucas going.
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