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Bills Move Above Miami In Nfl Power Rankings.


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Oct 14, 2002
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The bills have moved above miami in the NFL power rankings!

1. San Diego (6-1; last week: 6) … A young quarterback showing poise, a dominant running back, and a resilient defense are ingredients of a top team.

2. Green Bay (6-1; unchanged) … The bye couldn't come at a better time.

3. New Orleans (6-1; last week: 8) … It isn't always pretty, but the Saints have the offensive firepower and defensive play-making to be a major force.

4. Denver (5-2; unchanged) … Hanging on to beat the Chiefs was an impressive way to rebound from a crushing loss to Miami.

5. Philadelphia (4-2; last week: 9) … The Eagles' offense can get physical when it needs to.

6. Oakland (4-2; last week: 3) … It only gets harder for the Raiders' struggling defense vs. Kansas City.

7. San Francisco (4-2; unchanged) … After slipping vs. the Saints, the Niners can right their ship quickly at home vs. Arizona.

8. Tampa Bay (5-2; last week: 5) … Offensive shortcomings finally caught up with this team, and could get worse.

9. Buffalo (4-3; last week: unranked) … With the Dolphins hurting and Drew Bledsoe finally getting help from his defense, the Bills are a legitimate playoff contender.

10. Miami (5-2; last week: 1) … It didn't take long for the Dolphins to realize how much they miss Jay Fiedler.

11. Indianapolis (4-2; last week: 10) … The offensive misery mounts.

12. Arizona (4-2; unchanged) …The Cards do just enough to stay on a roll, but it probably will take much more to win in San Francisco.
And even there, they give an explanation as to WHY the Bills are ahead. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. :lol:
The thing with Bills fans is that we try not to make excuses. When Norwood missed the FG to win the SB we dont say.... OH WE SHOULD OF WON- WE SHOULDDDD be in first place....WE SHOULD BE THIS OR THAT.... with fiedler out for the next 4-5 games and you playing

San Diego

and maybe (if hes still out)


I think you would go 2-3 with any of your backups in. Fiedler is VERY GOOD- he runs your offense and you really cant do without him.
Quiz. That ranking doesn't mean a whole lot. We were on top of it last week and lost. It only matters who gets to go to DisneyLand after the SuperBowl. As dinged up as our team was, I think we prob. were ranked too high. Lets see where we are in a month. Good luck until then.
WOW, Quizlet, congrats man. I know how much those rankings mean, and now Buffalo is ahead of Miami. That is impressive, as Miami was in first place just one week ago, and now we are in tenth. One loss puts us back 9 spots...

This is the only power poll I am interested in.

Miami 5-2--- first place
Buffalo 4-3 ---second place

and it is funny, that is exactly what I predicted in the pre-season.

that only means one thing. media is full of crap. they have no clue as to who is best. this poll crap means nothing to me. never did. there is no clear dominant team. buffalo all week in the media was saying how there defense is turning it around. what a bunch of crap. take three key guys in an offense out and all of a sudden, they are like great. more BS buffalo BS.:monkey:
Wait- you beat yourselves? So you should be 6-3... what a dork :D
Look, anyone wo thinks the Bills are a better team is fooling themselves. The Bills are a nice young team and will only add to the competitiveness this division will have next year, but that D is too young, and shaky to get you far.

The INT's your team had were not good plays by Buffalo, but horrible ones from Lucas. I also place some blame on the play calling. Turner got his panites all bunched over how well Lucas played in the pre-season and opened it up too much. We'll pull the reigns in and be much better after the bye.

Buffalo on the other hand, couldn't move the ball and when they did couldn't score. All the pts but 3 were results of Mia mistakes. Mistakes can be fixed, but a lack of talent is not something you can just fix in-season.

Now,if you'd like to counter point with me, that's fine. Don't come spouting this crap and come back and see us when your team actually does something instead of the Phins doing everything to themselves.
Ok--- how about you go back and look at the video tapes. 1 of the picks where lucas's REAL fault. The one brough back for a TD Clewments flew in front of the WR and stole it from him. The other one by the endzone. Clements DOVE to catch it.
a) They are power rankings and are meaningless
b) Dropping a team nine spots because they lost a game where many of their players were injured is just ridiculous
Didn't Buffalo lose to the Jets? Who's in first place, I forgot? Though so
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