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Bledsoe vs Fiedler.....


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Mar 17, 2002
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Why does everybody make Bledsoe out to be Buffalo's saviour, think that because he is a Bill they are going to the playoffs, when in fact, when was the last time he took NE to the land of the final 12?

97 - 16(games) 314(comp) 60.2(%) 3706(yds) 7.1(YPC) 28(TD) 15(INT) 87.7(QB R)
98 - 14 263 481 54.7 3633 7.6 20 14 80.9
99 - 16 305 539 56.6 3985 7.4 19 21 75.6
00 - 16 312 531 58.8 3291 6.2 17 13 77.3
01 - 02 40 66 60.6 400 6.1 2 2 75.3
553 yds rushing carrer, 2TD

99 - 7 61 94 64.9 656 7.0 2 2 83.5
00 - 15 204 357 57.1 2402 6.7 14 14 74.5
01 - 16 273 450 60.7 3290 7.3 20 19 80.3
608 yds rushing, 5TD in 3 seasons

I don't see any numbers there that would lead me to believe Bledsoe is far superior in any way to Fiedler.
Jay is going to flirt with a QB rating of 90 this season and Drew will be lucky to get 80!
<<I don't see any numbers there that would lead me to believe Bledsoe is far superior in any way to Fiedler.>>>>>>

Drew took his team to a Super Bowl back in the late 90's. Jay has yet to take his team to the promise land.
Originally posted by TedDanson
Drew took his team to a Super Bowl back in the late 90's. Jay has yet to take his team to the promise land.

The object would be win the SB not just get there!

The fact is Drew has seen more dirt on his backside in the last three years than almost any other Qb in football, EXCEPT Rob Johnson, and where did he play again? Hmmmm him being a Barfalo Bill does not scare me too much atall.......
I think If Fiedler kept his punches to the mid-section, he would win:goof:

Fiedler would beat him with his ears! :lol:

Nah, Fiedler is just better for our system. Drew has more talent.

Jay is damn good though :D
you know what i like about fiedler...He's Got the Guts to win or lose a game, he's not scared o f losing and not afraid of sucess...THe Guy has GUTS!!!!
Bledsoe is a better pure passer IMO.

Fiedler may have more to offer in terms of mobility but Bledsoe is a genuine ProBowl QB. If Iwas a Bills fan ( :drinker: ) I'd be pretty happy after a fabulous draft and with securing one of the top ten QB's in the league.
I'm Happy.......Thanks Slaine......I love what TD is doing up here. As a Steelers fan, what did and what do you think of TD?
Bledsoe is NOT top 10 QB in this league, I am sorry. Is he good? Yes, is he great? Far from it. I just gave you statistical proof that he has dropped off in a BIG way in the last few years.

Warner, Favre, Culpepper, Garcia, Brunell, Manning, McNair, Griese, Dilfer, Gannon, B Johnson, McNabb, Fiedler, and Brady I'd rate all ahead of Bledsoe.

That is 15 names, so that rates Bledsoe middle of the pack, average at best. Top 10??? Man I'd rather have Slash than Statue, I mean Drew.
Slaine about 5 years ago Bledsoe was a really good QB but over the years he's slid big time. If Bledsoe was a top 10 QB then he would have never lost his job to Brady who is pretty overrated. If his salary cap hit wasn't so large then it would be justifiable but you don't pay that much for a QB unless he's definately a top 5 QB. Christ we never payed more then 5 million a year for Marino lol
Bledsoe is a better pure passer however, his game has declined quite a bit over the past 2-3 seasons. IMO he and Fiedler are currently on the same level. When Bledsoe was in his prime he was often compared to Marino, but that was short lived and now he is a QB who is above average, at best.

I do believe that this will be an "up" year for him since he will do everything in his power to show Bellichick (spell?) and Co. that he is a better QB than their boy Brady. In fact, I would be willing to bet that, if Bledsoe wins the confidence of his teamates, they will sweep the Pats this year on his sheer will alone. As for the rest of Buffalo's opponents, there's no telling how well Bledsoe will show against them considering he won't have the same motivational factors being empolyed.

My prediction for Buffalo this year is that they will be much improved over last year, but they are still a .500 team. I do believe however, that they will not finish last in the division, that honor will belong to the boys in green. The Jests are going to be extremely vulnerable in the secondary and their QB situation is very suspect with an ancient Vinny taking most of the snaps, and Pennington- who Edwards isn't very high on- waiting in the wings.
I will never forget Bledsoe taking the Patriots down the field, and winning a game against our Dolphins. He converted several 3rd and 4th down situations, and then tossed that pass to Jefferson to win it in the end.

Bledsoe was hot that game, and I think he is going to do well with the Bills...IF they get a good running game going, and IF the O line gels up well.

Remember this time last year we all thought the Pats were going to suck. No R.B. except Bills reject Antowain Smith, and did they have a receiver after Terry Glenn blew it?

Well Antowain ran his guts out, and Troy Brown became a star.

Anything is possible, and I rate the Bills as #2 in the division, right behind us.
What you failed to address was NE's o-line played GREAT last year, and haven't lost anything from their line. That was the main factor in them becoming the team they did. Brady had time to survey the field, and Smith had holes to run through, that is why they were successful. All the other achievements were direct results of actual blocking up front. That was something very new for NE.
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