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Blitzing this year?

i hope we stunt more than we used to. This creates so much confusion, believe me cuz i was an olineman in High School. then, while stunting, have Junior just tear it up through the huge gap that the lineman have just cleared out
Someone get it on camera of him kicking Tebucky Jones in the nuts that would be priceless
The accepted theory is blitz the challenged QBs and cover versus the top notch QBs. I believe there is quite a bit of merit to that. Wannstedt never varied blitz strategy enough based on the opponent, IMO.

I'm still sick my Canes didn't blitz Krenzel on that 4th and 14 play in the first OT of the Fiesta Bowl. If there was ever a time you would force a run oriented team to make a quick play down the field under heavy pressure, I thought that was it. Bothers me much more than the disputed interference later in the drive.
Will we blitz more often, absolutely, where will they come from, well, if you can answer that, you should get an O-coordinators job somewhere.. lol..
It will be interesting to see where JT and Roth will be lining up from and if they are in at the same time. Hopefully Saban's system will keep opposing offenses guessing, and we can hopefully get more sacks as well as more fumble recoveries and picks.
I personally want to see Channing Crowder do his thing. Matt Roth will be fun with JT and I love the signing of Kevin Carter and even Vonnie Holliday. Mainly those 2 guys size, both 6'5, 290 and their versatility got me excited. The one person I'm never excited to see blitz is Zach because if he comes from the outside a tackle seems to swallow him up everytime but his blitzes between G and C worked sometimes in the old system. It just seemed so seldom that he did blitz and when he did it was so predictable they'd get burned for a TD.

I think Lional Turner will be tough to cut this TC since knows the system being from LSU. He could be a monster inside if he's still at 6'2, 258. Imagine him next to Crowder with JT a pass-rushing LB and Spragan, Moore, Seau, Pope, D. Bowens all battling for the other OLB position. And Derek Curry could even surprise as could Winston Taylor if only on Special Teams.

One thing is for sure we are LOADED at the LB position and DE.

LDE Carter
NT Traylor
RDE Roth or Holliday
LOLB Seau or Spragan
LILB Thomas
RLIB Crowder
ROLB J.Taylor
SS T.Jones or Bua
FS Tillman
LCB Howard or Daniels
RCB Madison
Our LB over the years have been small and quick, but with these big LB that Saban has brought way i see them sitting back in coverage on to many plays. IMO we will blitz alot more.
KPDolfan424 said:
I definately believe there will be alot more blitzing going on this season. From what I've heard, the defense will have a new look and have there oppenents confused and they will not know what to look for. It wont be the old dolphin defense...believe that.

also, IMO, the fins secondary can not cover recievers long enough for the standard 4 man rush. i see alot of movement by the linebackers and safeties, to try to confuse the O-Line and QB. there is talk of possible 3-4 defenses being used, but that will be used for only ~4 or 5 plays a game. and that just adds to the confusion for the O-Line.

i expect the team to line up diffrently and move alot right before snap. look for LB, CB, and S blitzes.

and its normal for the D to get going, long befor the O-Line can get going. so that usually means ALOT of sacks and penetration in to the backfield in the first half of the season, which will decline as the season goes on.
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