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Bottom Line Question is......


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Mar 10, 2005
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are we better with

A. Feely, Gordon, Edwards and Chambers
B. Smith, Gordon, Booker and Chambers
C. Feely, Brown, Booker and Chambers

I like A.
I don't understand why everyone is counting Caddy and Benson out of the RB's? Just b/c the so called draft experts say Brown is the best overall back, doesnt mean that Miami must take him. I have a very strong feeling if RB is taken #2 overall all of the Brown fans are going to be disappointed.
I would go with Campbell, Benson, Gibson, Chambers
Walters, Caddy, Henry, Booker, Chambers and McMike. That would ROOCKK.
If you're talking about THIS year I'd choose C, simply because if we were to draft Smith he wouldn't be starting this year anyways :D
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