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Apr 27, 2007
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St. Petersburgh Florida
I really want this guy. I know the dolphins have a lot of other needs, and we drafted two corners in this year's draft, plus Toby might be a top ten pick (and I want the fins to make the playoff as more than anything)...but..this guy is going to be a stud. He is the most accomplished corner I've seen for awhile. Now I do watch a lot of big ten games, and I'm not like some kind of scouting guru, but Toby does everything. He makes plays in coverage, he is a tackling machine in the run game, and he has the best closing speed I've seen.

There have been plays where OSU has let a runner get 20 yards away from any defender, and you think it's a TD, and every time Toby runs the guy down. He will be a stud. I just love the kid, and he says he's going to the NFL after this season. I think he has perennial pro bowler written all over him.

The other guy I love from OSU is linebacker Ryan schazzier (sp?). I'm not sure when he is expected to go in the draft, but he always has his nose on the ball. I think he had something like 50 tackles in the last three games.

Obviously Hyde and Langford from Michigan state should be on our radar. I think they will be great backs. Doubt we can get Hyde and roby, but I think CB is a bigger need.
Roby gets beat far too often for my liking. He makes a lot of plays because he's play very aggressively and is a good athlete. But, for every great play he makes, he seemingly gives one up.
Dennard was easily the best corner in that game. I think he's got a better chance of going in the top 15 than Roby, who to me has all the tools and athleticism but has major lapses in coverage.
I am an Ohio State fan and I don't want Roby on the phins. He is way over hyped and really disappointed me this year. He is a good tackler and plays the run well but he leaves a lot to be desired from a coverage standpoint.
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