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Brock Berlin Bio by Sports Illustrated/CNN


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Oct 19, 2004
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Here is what Sports Illustrated said about Brock Berlin. They seem pretty on. I hope no one gets their hopes up about this kid cause chances are he is gonna lose out to sage early on in the preseason. The only reason Saban took this pick is because coming out of Miami he has been widely scouted by Miami. If anything its a nose lose situation. He signed him for the league minimum, and if he can beat out one of the other QBs on the team then that will save some cap room later on. Anyway here is the analysis.

POSITIVES: Improving passer with the skill to backup at the next level. Quick setting up in the pocket, displays good field vision and greatly improved his decision making as a senior. Sharp on the intermediate throws and threads the ball between defenders. Times the outs well. Poised as the pocket collapses around him, displays a quick release and takes the big hit in order to get the throw off. Goes to the safety valve in the underneath coverage if nothing's available downfield. Buys time for receivers and lets them come free before delivering the ball. Some ability to roll outside the pocket and accurately make the throw.

NEGATIVES: Cannot drive the deep throw and not accurate down the field. Misses open wideouts because of poor long accuracy. Falls out of throws and struggles getting the ball to the flanks. Must improve his touch.

ANALYSIS: A solid short and intermediate range passer who responded with a good senior campaign, Berlin has gone from a draft afterthought to a legitimate late-round pick. Lacks the size and strength to earn a starting job in the NFL, yet could thrive as a team's third passer.

PROJECTION: Undrafted Free Agent
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