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May 27, 2002
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What's up with Buckley? I wanted him before he signed with Tampa Bay. Now he's available again but I haven't heard a peep from anywhere!! Does Wanstedt want him even though we already signed Fair(have we?). I think it would be a great move.:confused:
I would like to see us sign either Fair or T-Buck..not the 2 of them...Cut Harrison whom i believe was an insurance policy in case both t-buck and others were signed by other teams...Spend the rest on a LB or OL...:rolleyes:
No, we need some guys for the future to groom.

Lowe is raw and will need some time to grow into position, but he fits our scheme and could develop into a very solid CB.

Let's remember it always takes a year or two for CB's to develop in our system.
In terms of guys to groom I like Fair better than Lowe. Fair was cut from Detroit, and walked in and out of Carolina's facilities without a contract. If any two teams in the league need CBs, its Detroit and Carolina. Problem is they need corners who can play NOW, not guys who are going to sit for a while and get healthy.

We may on the other hand have that luxury. My guess is that Terry Fair is not passing these teams' physicals. We're letting him go without a contract as well. Baltimore also needs help right now and if Fair doesn't pass their physical they might also pass up on the guy. If we got both TBuck and Fair, we have a guy who can play for us this year and do it well (TBuck), who will probably retire after this year, then we have a guy who (maybe) will be getting healthy enough to contribute.

In the meantime signing TBuck gives us a Dime CB and makes Shawn Wooden a bit expendable (because currently Wooden is the dime guy). The Jets are lookin for an experienced safety via trade and are offering up some of their DL. The only guys they could really be offering are Steve White (not likely given Abraham's knee status), Larry Webster, Mercer Giradie (who would want him), James Reed, or Alan Harper. If push came to shove I may take Harper or Webster over Romero in exchange for Wooden...

Just thinkin out loud...
And Lowes was developing nicely before the injury..remember for a while there it seemed that he would challenge Flecther for the 3rd spot....He was breathing whether heavily down Flecther's neck...I think we cut green and pick up Buck for Vet insurance..we can grab Green later.
Yeah, I think Green is the one who's cut...I do like Fair, but like I posted earlier...NFL.Com writer Kirwan puts Harrison on his all-cuts team...over Fair, T-Buck and all the other higher name guys.

The writer BTW, was a player personnel director for a NFL team and seems to know his stuff.
You all make it sound like we can just go out and get any player we want. Like I said before, I really don't think Buckley would want to sign here. Why would he come here to play dime or "vet insurance" (read bench) when, as CK points out, this is probably his last year. He wants to play!
I have held back in saying this but I will now. As fas as T-Buck goes, I say, let's move on! Look, the guy has snubbed us twice in the past two years.

First, he left and signed with the patsies, and then, when all the "experts" just knew that he would just automaticaly re-sign with his "hometown" Fins, he chose to go up the road and sign with the yuks, for the chance to start. Now, that didn't work out, and again, those same "experts" have him coming right back to the team, he has already snubbed twice.

Not gonna happen! Just wouldn't be prudent, at this juncture!

I hate to say it, but F--- T-Buck!!

Like I said when freakin Troy Vincent left us, adios MOFO. You don't want to play for my fins, then go f-yourself. Don't get me wrong, I like T-Buck, but we need to move on!

PS: Did you guys notice who the aints just cut? Yes, Jerry freakin Wilson!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't we.........? Never mind!
Actually Wooden is the Dime Safety and Freeman is the Dime Corner. If we are lucky enough to pick up Fair than Green has to go. Green in my opinion is not NFL ready yet. O. Lowe now that mofo is a stud in the making. If he would have managed to stay healthy I strongly believe he might be our Nickel Corner as we speak.
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