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Bucs fire HC Terry Porter

IMO they should of done this atleast a few weeks ago since the draft is just next week. They better hurry up on getting themselves a new HC.
Hardly seems fair, if you ask me. Last year, Porter won coach of the year, didn't he? I know he was in the running. Suddenly, injuries hit the Bucks like a ton of bricks and he's out?
The Nba is the worst league for firing/hiring coaches. Remember Rick Carlise was like coach of the year, leads his team to the Eastern Finals then gets fired so they can go after Larry Brown? Im sure they didnt contact Brown before firing Carlise....that would be a violation of rules. Owners in the NBa have no conscience when it comes to firing coaches. Seems like someone got contacted and wanted a say in the draft before they took the job..
Sucks to get the #1 pick, spend all this time scouting reviewing film, getting the dreaded vote of confidence then getting the axe a short time before the draft. Classless move. Shows you why the Bucks are the Bucks. Bucks coincidentally rhymes with Sucks.
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