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Buffalo fans say, "Just wait till next year."


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Jul 5, 2002
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WOW. I was over at Billsfanzone and it seems as though 90% of them are already talking about next season. LOL


Well, I guess we will be hearing the same crap that we have been hearing the last couple of years..."just wait till next year."

"The fisn wont know what hit them!"

"We are only a DT away from the SB!"

sighs again...

It looks like the bills fans are already waving the white flag, because they know that the Fins will once again sweep Barfallo.

Its true, its true.
This is not on the smack board, so, I'm not going to try and get into it with you echo, but Bills fans have known for a long time that recovery from salary cap hell and a 3-13 season was going to take at least a little time. We got excited with all the off season moves that Tom Donahoe made, but we knew that Buffalo was going to need more help on the D-line than we got. We're hoping to get some development of the young defensive linemen on the Bills but haven't seen much evidence yet. Still most of us haven't changed our prediction on the Bills number of wins in months. I've been saying 9-7 and no playoffs. Others have predicted 8-8 or even 7-9. But we're still upbeat because we know Tom Donahoe is a good GM who will make the right moves to make Buffalo better. And no one at BBI or BFZ is conceding two wins to Miami this season.
Keep it on the smack board dolphinators13. It seems strange that I, a Bills fan should have to remind you of your own rules that moderators were so strickly enforcing against Bills fans a few months ago.
I'd take there QB and WR core in a heartbeat.

In fact...aside from their DLine...I like there team alot.

One year away is right...

One year away from the Fins/Bills rivalry returning for all the marbles!!!!!
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