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Calvin Johnson enters draft

He will almost definitely be gone by our pick though.

Ya never know....alot can happen between now and draft day....we may not even have the 9th pick....and there's a few players coming in the draft that will enter the top ten picks.
I don't think we'll need him, unless we don't re-sign booker or wes welker.
See on the flip side this might mean Jarrett does not, and comes out next years as the BEST WR in the draft
But the risk might not be worth the reward. I think Jarrett will go in the top 10 this year, and the additional money that he may get by waiting 'til next year and going higher in the draft is probably not worth the risk of injury by playing another year.
He'll go to Tampa or Cleveland at the 3rd or 4th pick, IMO.
Johnson will go top 5. i can't believe his mom let him leave school early. :rofl3:
If we didn't have so many holes to fill it would be tempting to trade up and nab him.
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