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Can Ricky play DT?


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Mar 15, 2005
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I sure hope so, because even if he comes back (which is now almost assured owing that much child support) and coach Houck whips the line into playing decent, running the ball won't be a problem. It's STOPPING the run the concerns me. Traylor hasn't been signed and things are not looking too rosy with Timbo and Larry. We may yet have a potent offense. Boston making the field will make our passing threat such that teams will have to be honest against the run. Won't matter much if we have a center on Zach every play on D. We ain't the Colts.:shakeno:
hehh hhehh... That would be a tough way to earn back that 8.6 Mil now, wouldn't it? :evil:
About Ricky playing DT? Obviously. That fool coming back may well help our running game. About a center on Zach every running play? I hope not.
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