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Can you hate Wanne and more... after 22-10

I still do not like Wanne

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Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Can you hate Wanne and after 22 wins the past two years, their best showing in consecutive years since 1984-85. ... :cool:

Under coach Dave Wannstedt, Miami is 14-0 against teams .500 or worse... :cool:


and now for the real bad news :cry:

Miami will need to heal fast. Defensive end Jason Taylor (sprained left shoulder) and standout rookie receiver Chris Chambers (sprained right ankle) became the latest casualties Sunday, and Pro Bowl middle linebacker Zach Thomas (torn right shoulder muscle) sat out the game.
i never said i hated wanny either........

what i said was, a coach that can't make a decision should not be a head coach!:goof:
yeah - let's bring in George Siefert - it is not fair for anyone to have to coach that bunch of losers again. :rolleyes: ;) :goof:
Wanne always starts out well but beware...he will ruin our team. I wanna bring in Dennis Green, with him you know Fiedler (or any other QB) won't last for more than 2 years.
I don't know man,

Originally posted by Flyin11
I'll take Spurrier :D
Spurrier is an amazing college coach, but not sure how he's gonna fit in the pros. Back in the 70's Lou Holtz coached the Jets for a short time and they sucked BAD. He even had them sing a "Jets cheer" that he came up with, like in college or something. Some coaches are better in college, and Spurrier might be one of those.:cool: Let me wrap that up with a "JMHO" little thing-a-ma-jig:D
Butch Davis has done a great job in Cleveland. They have been playing good defense and have passing well lately. If they draft a RB, they could be a playoff contender. Of course, Miami did fine without Davis.:)
Dave just needs to become a tighter disciplinarian. Ultimately, the head coach is the one responsible for all the false starts and personal fouls that this group comes up with. He needs to start crackin heads, instead of being everybodys' buddy.
Hell, even I call him "Dave";)
i admit when johnson retired i was ticked and when they hired dave i was even more mad but i will say he has done a heck of a job and would like to see him on the sideline for a long time
See, I knew you were a fake. :lol: :lol: Claire would NEVER insult her husband like that. :rolleyes: BYE BYE :lol: :lol:
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