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Canes OL Coach Kehoe Sounds Off


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Feb 3, 2002
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I'm ready to kick some Gator butt Saturday!!!!

Kehoe on the Gators (must read)
exerpts from the Canesport e-mail just received...

Mentioning the Florida Gators around offensive line coach/assistant head coach Art Kehoe is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. The memories come back quickly and vividly, his voice rises and you can practically see steam coming out of his ears as he talks about the rivalry.

"To me it's unfortunate that we don't play every year," said Kehoe, the longest tenured Cane coach. "Some people say, 'Oh, we'd whip them.' But there's a reason the series is tied at 25 apiece. We're sharing the same players from a pretty good state, both have good programs and we have had fabulous matchups.

"The fact that we're not playing each other every year is embarrassing. What makes our sport great? The fans and the media, the intenseness of the rivalry. It's embarrassing. They used to go, 'Well, our SEC schedule ...' Wait a minute. Are you telling me we can't beat Vanderbilt and Kentucky and Mississippi and Mississippi State?

"If Auburn and Georgia are so good, how come they haven't been competing for a national title? I'll give you Tennessee. And Alabama when they're not on probation, they're pretty tough to deal with, too.

"People laugh at our conference. The Big East as a conference is 8-1 in the last 10 bowl games.

"I talk to Gator fans and they say, 'You need us.' We need you for what? We got five national titles without you guys. We don't need them, we need each other. We need to play, to tee it up."

Kehoe played in two games against Florida, a 30-24 victory in Miami in 1979 and a controversial (perhaps its redundant to say "controversial" in a Miami-Florida game) 31-7 rout of the Gators at Gainesville in 1980. He also was a student assistant or staff member in the games from 1981-1987 plus the 2001 Sugar Bowl.

"You hate to say this and sound irreverent," Kehoe said, "because I have a lot of respect for Florida and Florida State. But to me, playing Florida State is the ultimate. They're tenacious. But playing Florida you just want to whip them.

"When you talk to Florida State people they kind of feel the same way [about Florida]. It's like Florida has their nose up in the air. When they weren't playing us, when you'd talk to Gators or when you'd go around speaking to a Chamber of Commerce of Kiwanis Club, the Gators say, `How come you chicken bleeps don't want to play us?' I always look at them and say, 'Well, first of all, it's you that dropped the rivalry. When you wanted to get back into it, it was always, 'Well, we'll play two games up there and one down here.' Well, where do you get off telling the University of Miami you're going to dictate policy on where you're going to play? Or where should we get off telling you?'

"The bottom line is we could play in Key Biscayne and get 200,000 people in the sand to watch this game. Or you could go play in a swamp instead of the actual Swamp and get 100,000 down there, with all the gators and beetles down there."

Read more of what Kehoe had to say and get a full Miami-Florida game preview in this week's edition of CaneSport Magazine. Order the magazine online at the website.


GOTTA LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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