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Can't get away from those Bills

Originally posted by TigerJ
Did you ever get the feeling that the Bills and their fans are going to take over the world? I promise we'll still allow personal liberties when we're in charge.

BTW Ted Cottrell and Sam Cowart are just preliminary sorties preparing for a massive Bills invasion that will take over the whole team eventually.


Thats funny since I used to go to school in Buffalo, and can say with no doubt it is one of the most run down cities i have ever been to. That is saying alot since I have been from Boston to LA and Chigago to Miami. I hope before Bills fans take ove the world they clean up their own city. Everything outside of Amhearst is so ghetto.
Here's the new Bills jersey - or is that the Texans...wait the Broncos..???


Did the NFL run out of colours or something?
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